Caring Nutrition Therapy

About Sloane Elizabeth Churchman, MS, RDN, LD - Owner & Operator

Sloane Elizabeth Churchman MS, RDN, LD (She/Her) is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the National Commission on Dietetic Registration & a Licensed Dietitian in the State of Texas.

​Sloane has nearly a decade of experience in the field of nutrition  and over 6 years’ experience working with people with Eating Disorders. She is known for her kind and down to earth approach with her clients- seeing them as a person first, a patient second. She loves to share her therapeutic nutrition knowledge & skills with her clients; supporting each person ‘right where they are’ on their journey to recovery. She also loves to laugh and places a great deal of value on humor as a part of the healing process.

Sloane began her nutrition education at Louisiana State University, graduating with her B.S. in

Nutrition & Dietetics. She furthered her education by concurrently completing an accredited

1200+ hour dietetic internship and earning a M.S. in Human Health & Performance with a

concentration in Nutrition and Wellness at McNeese State University. Her career has afforded

her the opportunity to practice in almost any nutrition care setting you can imagine, including:

Inpatient Trauma & Intensive Care Units, Diabetes  Education, Long-Term Care with the elderly,

Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment, Kidney Dialysis, Cardiac Rehab, Wound Care, Behavioral

Health, Rehabilitation, and Eating Disorders.

Eating Disorders

Although Sloane loves helping all her clients improve their health, she found her true

passion and specialty when she began working with clients with eating disorders. She has experience treating Adolescents and Adults with Eating Disorders in the Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Outpatient levels of care. 

​Sloane believes that people find many ways to cope with the difficulties we face in life. For those

that turn to food to find that comfort, it can be particularly difficult to navigate since we must eat

every day for the rest of our lives.

In her years' of practice, she has observed that a person’s relationship with food usually mirrors

their life; and she believes that if we heal a person’s relationship with food, we put them on the

path to healing other parts of their life. Let her help you create a new mindset to find peace and joy again in eating- and ultimately, more peace and joy again in your life.

​Sloane works with people ages 12 and older with diagnosed Eating Disorders, sub-clinical disordered eating tendencies, and those who just have  an overall difficult relationships with food and body image. She would love to chat with you to see if she is the ‘right fit’ for your health and wellness needs.

​Sloane lives in the Dallas Texas Area with her partner Jacob, and her Miniature Australian

Shepherd, Jackson. When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her practicing her

photography, making art and historical costumes, or finding something delicious to eat or drink

at a local food spot!