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Why should I choose Caring Nutrition Therapy?

First and foremost- I truly have a passion for Eating Disorder treatment and Recovery. 

 I also have 9 years’ experience as a Master’s level Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and 6+ years' experience working with people with eating disorders. 

In my practice, I combine the clinical skills I have gained from years of treatment experience with a high degree of compassion for what my patients are going through. This gives me the ability to authentically connect with people in order to help them heal.

I have a creative, friendly & fun nature. I show up as my real, authentic self in sessions- and invite you to do the same. I'm  also a generally light-hearted person and believe in humor as part of the therapeutic process! 

What's the best way to contact you?

Phone: (214) 713-3244


What made you want to work with clients with Eating Disorders?

Eating Disorders can take so much from a person- personal identity, career, school, family & friends. It's amazing to see the difference an eating disorder-informed, compassionate professional can make in someone's life. Learning new, healthy ways to think about and approach Food & Nutrition is an integral piece of your Eating Disorder Recovery puzzle.

I feel honored to walk alongside those going through difficult/dark times in their eating disorder. I truly enjoy facilitating healing in the nutrition piece of their journey to help them find freedom and peace with food.

Who do you work with as clients?

I work with clients ages 12 and older (and their families) who have:

  1. Diagnosed Eating Disorders (for example: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder)

  2. Disordered Eating Tendencies (emotional eating, stress eating, compulsive overeating, overall difficult or strained relationship with food and/or body image (ex. chronic diet-ers)

I can see anyone in the State of Texas virtually currently, or in-person if requested/able in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

What does a typical Session look like?

​Initial Session/Assessment:  in-depth & 90 minutes long Nutrition Assessment

Initial Sessions include:

  • RD Coordination with your Primary Therapist (if applicable)

  • RD Coordination with your MD (if applicable)

  • Discuss of your Medical & Nutrition History

  • Discuss & Establish Goals of Care

  • Provide Recommended Reading/Resources  list 

  • Give foundational concept educational handouts

  • Establish Rapport

Follow-Up Sessions: up to 60 minutes in length each

In Follow-up Sessions include:

  • Review progress on decreasing eating disorder thoughts, urges, and behaviors 

  • Cover new materials and concepts to help you in your recovery

  • Incorporate Meal Planning, Therapeutic Meal or Snack Outings, Cooking or grocery Store Sessions

  • Set progressive SMART goals each session- very tailored to each person's progress

  • Support goals you are working on with your primary therapist (if/as applicable)  from a nutrition perspective 

  • Discuss/Help monitor nutrition related labs ordered by your MD (if/as applicable)

  • Ongoing Coordination with your MD and Primary Therapist/MH Team if/as applicable

What are some of the other things we can do in Follow-Up Sessions?

  •  Therapeutic Supported Meal or Snack Outing (ex. I can meet you at a restaurant or coffee shop)

  • Cooking Session or group (I can come to your home or via video)

  • Food Portioning Practice 

  • Meal Planning

  • Nutrition education & counseling

  •  Nutrition Myth Busting

  • Identify & Challenge Food Rules

  • Normalize Normal Eating

  • Practice our ‘All Foods Can Fit Philosophy’

  • Practice Intuitive Eating

  • Face Fear Foods in a safe environment

  • Facilitate Nutrition Education & Support groups

  • ... And much more!

How Often Should we meet for Sessions?

Most of my eating disorder clients see me for 6 months to 12 months or longer.

Frequency of visits is highly individualized, depends on each client's preferences and needs.

As an example- in the beginning: sessions could be 1x/week or biweekly. 

Frequency of sessions can decrease over time ( for example, once in maintenance phase, we could meet for follow ups 1x/month and eventually every 3 months, or as needed) depending on your progress and level of comfort on your journey to Recovery.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Please see the Pricing & Plans Page for current pricing details.

I often offer a New Client Special Package and a Follow-Up Bundle that can help decrease costs of care.

I also offer a limited number of reduced cost/sliding scale visits to clients in financial need. Contact me for details on current availability and specifics of sliding scale visits.

What do you like most about your job?

I value having the time to authentically connect with and support my patients on their journey to Recovery.

I like that private practice affords me the ability to be flexible and creative with my  services & offerings (for example, 1:1 therapeutic restaurant outings with clients).

I aim to truly get to know my clients so I can understand who they are & their unique goals of care. Ultimately, I try to help each client have food takes on the appropriate role in their life and help them recover so food does not consume their lives. I want everyone to feel the joy of experiencing peace and freedom with food- so they can do & become everything they want to be in this life.

Tell me more about your experience in treating those with Eating Disorders.

I have worked with clients with eating disorders since 2016 (6+ years). I have eating disorder treatment experience with both Adolescents and Adults in the Residential, IOP, PHP and Outpatient levels of care.

I have extensive experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team to meet clients’ overall goals of care, including being a part of evaluations and  the referral process for higher levels of care.

I also have specialized experience in providing individual & group eating disorder nutrition sessions, facilitating nutrition support groups, cooking groups, meal outings, meal planning,  therapeutic supported meal/restaurant outing sessions, family psycho-social dynamic sessions & more!

I got my start in Eating Disorder treatment in 2016 at Monte Nido Portland's Clementine Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Facility for Adolescents and the affiliated Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient treatment facility for Adults. I'm very grateful for my time and training at Monte Nido as I feel it helped me build the foundation of my treatment philosophy for care. (Learn more about Monte Nido's field- leading founder, Carolyn Costin here.)

From 2018 to early 2021, I worked for a large health care system (VA North Texas) in the Dallas Texas Area, where I advocated for and helped create the first ever outpatient eating disorder treatment team in that health system's North Texas Region. I then served as Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Team lead RD for approximately 3yrs for that health system. I saw eating disorder patients on an individual and group basis, developed eating disorder educational presentations and trainings for staff, patient education handouts, and patient screening/assessment/reassessment forms & protocols. I also had the pleasure of mentoring my dietitian colleagues in developing specialized Eating Disorder treatment skills.

In addition to my private practice, I now work part-time with Center For Discovery PHP/IOP Eating Disorder Treatment program for teens and adults in Addison, TX.