We Offer:

Virtual Visits

Convenient for your schedule!

Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders, complicated or toxic relationships with food, emotional/compulsive eating.

Therapeutic Supported Sessions in Real-World Situations

Practice what we learn in session- together!

Many of my clients like to meet in real-world food situations for follow-up sessions so they can have therapeutic support navigating those situations. I am happy to accommodate. I can meet you in a  Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Ice cream shop or any other commercial food establishment to help challenge your eating disorder, face fear foods, or help you navigate difficult situations with food.

Cooking Sessions, Grocery Shopping, Portioning, & Meal Planning Guidance

With Me in Your Home and/or Local Grocery Store

Guided support putting into practice what we discuss in sessions to help you feel comfortable with challenging disordered thoughts, urges and behaviors and developing the skills you need to nourish your body.

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